Tips For Buying an Eco-Friendly Home

Buying an eco-friendly home is not as difficult as you might think, and in the long run it can save you a lot of money, as well as having less of an impact on the environment. An eco-friendly home is one that is energy efficient and saves you money, but it also can mean it is a home made from recycled materials and one that makes much better use of space. When buying an eco-friendly home you will still need to consider the same things that you do when buying a normal home, such as going through the right channels to borrow money and paying additional fees like stamp duty and conveyancing fees.
Building methods
You can start thinking eco-friendly even before you start building the home. Choose an architect that is familiar with eco-friendly homes and have them design a home that is suitable for your block. Think about creating a home that takes up less land space, leaving as much room for trees and plants as possible. Leave room around the home for water tanks and a vegetable garden. Think about where on your block you build the home too. Make sure it is in a position so you can make use of natural light, and it is facing a direction so you get the warmth of the sun to increase the energy efficiency.
Building materials
You can even be eco-friendly with your choice of building materials. Any timber in your home should be recycled from other sources. You will find that you can buy bricks from homes that are being torn down. You could also choose to build with eco-friendly materials like mud or stones, or even build a straw bale home.
Energy efficient
One of the main purposes of your home is for it to be energy efficient. Make sure that it is well insulated so it stays warm in winter and cooler in summer. You can also put in double glazed windows and have solar panels installed so you rely on the sun to power your home. Solar power can also heat your water so you can save on gas as well as electricity. Solar panels are not as expensive as they used to be and many new homes that aren't eco-friendly are being built with solar panels to heat their water.
Within your home you can be more eco-friendly by choosing the right appliances. When you buy a dishwasher, washing machine, fridge or even a clothes dryer you will see the energy rating listed on the item through a star rating system. The more stars an item has the more energy efficient it is. You can also buy dishwashers and washing machines that use less water. You can also be more energy efficient when lighting your home by choosing to use power saving light bulbs. Another way to be eco-friendly is to watch your energy consumption, so turn off lights in rooms that are not in use, switch appliances off at the wall and don't heat or cool rooms you are not using. Having blinds or curtains on your windows will help keep your house warm in winter and block out the heat in summer.
By the way, do you want to learn more about Real Estate? If so, I suggest you check Conveyancing and Conveyancing Fees.

Christmas in the Sunroom

Hello everyone,
     On this very mild but wet day, Christmas came to the sun room, as I took in some greenery from the woods to add some a more seasonal look to our little sun room.

Candles also add to the coziness.

Winterberries, pine . juniper, holly and an old vintage card added to a pretty white cone brighten the posts between the windows.

How about a cup of tea?
A mix of china patterns, but they all go together well.

Pretty candle holders from the thrift shop.

I love this old donkey- a humble reminder of the season.
The glow at nighttime is so romantic.
I will soon be done decorating our home for Christmas, and I am looking forward to cozy evenings by the fireside with the twinkle of lights and the sound of Christmas music playing softly in the background and a good cup of tea!

I have to do some finetuning on the sunroom tomorrow and I have some paper whites and amaryllis started, for in here as well.

The good news is Santa arrived here early, as a new Canon Rebel T3 arrived at our door today!

Today,I am joining Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.

Thank you for visiting,


Stylist's 100-year old home renovation

Happy Wednesday...or like I like to call it...Happy Second-to-last-class day!

I have long been obsessed with the following kitchen. In fact not only have I saved it in my inspiration files, but it was one of my jumping off points for my kitchen project in class. I just love the unexpected use of the unlacquered brass hardware, found in vintage shops and on eBay. It really makes this kitchen special.  And can you believe these cabinets are from Ikea!?!? Reinforces my desire to do a completely wonderful kitchen reno using Ikea cabinets and fabulous hardware!

So when I found out more about this gorgeous home, I had to share with you.

This newly renovated jewel is the home of Toronto props and food stylist Sasha Seymour. Check out the spectacular "after" photos, featured in House & Home, of this 100-year old home.
PS--I'm really digging roman shades lately. They aren't nearly as dramatic as floor to ceiling curtains, but they really show off a bold graphic print well without overwhelming the room.

Photos by Michael Graydon

How Technology Is Really Helping Us Become More Sustainable

I'm a technology lover like many people are. I love my smart phone and laptop and just about anything else that has technology and is useful. Everybody has that inner Geek in them to some level. You might have noticed that technology products have become more efficient in their energy use. Companies brag and advertise about how their product uses less energy and has a longer battery life because they are aware that consumers are looking for that, not necessarily because its "green", but because it makes sense financially and is more convenient to use. Who would want a product that uses more energy instead of one that uses less?
Solar panels area a great examples of how technology has helped us be more sustainable. With the improved technology and with the help of sustainable architects, they have been specified more frequently, have become more efficient, and have also become far cheaper than they used to be. Clear glass can even be used a solar panel with advances in technology. Some cars even have an optional solar panel on the roof that operates a fan when your car is parked in order to prevent it from getting too hot inside. Who wouldn't want that technology and convenience in their car?
One invention that Sustainable Architect is really impressed with is the BloomBox. We are in no way whatsoever affiliated with BloomBox or its manufacturer, however it is the product that we feel is closest to being ready for mass production. A fuel cell of this kind, which can be as small as a stack of DVD cases can actually power a whole house and keep it off of the grid, saving the homeowner money and also making them less dependent. When this becomes popular, it could actually be the end for coal-burning power plants, which pollute a tremendous amount. Energy could be provided to homes wherever they are located, independent of their proximity to the electricity grid. We believe that as products like these become more marketable, hundreds of similar products will be developed. This will increase availability, reduce the price and make society as a whole more sustainable. It will also create an incredible amount of job and financial opportunities.
At one point in time, people proclaimed that we would put a man on the moon and they were mocked and ridiculed. With a lot of technology and determination, it happened. If we can put a man on the moon, just imagine what we can do with technology? We can have all of the gadgets, convenience and comfort we want and be very sustainable.
Sustainable Architect is a public blog and source for Sustainable Architecture information created and maintained by Teche, an architecture firm based in San Diego.

Festive Whites

Hello everyone,
      I am back with a few little touches of festive whites that I have been putting around our home to get it ready for the holidays.I am using my son's point and shoot camera for these pics but the good news is I have a new camera on the way and I can't wait to get it!
  I added some greenery from around the garden to an old chamber set that my father gave to me years ago.I love the little feather trees too

A little church from TJMAXX.

A music box that my daughter gave to me.
A heavy cement cherub sits on our banister. I have added greenery and lights to it and a candle for the cherub to hold-but only for the picture for safety reasons.

You might have noticed that I love angels.
This is a wooden angel that also came from TJMAXX.

Just a peek at some of the little festive touches that are appearing around our home for the holiday season.

It is so mild here that you would not think that it is almost December. The snow that we had last week is long gone and when I step at onto the balcony at night to see the stars you could be fooled into thinking it is spring!

Thank you for visiting me,


Cottage Chic Guest Room

Happy Tuesday everyone! I have another exciting project in the works...I am helping a friend refine/reorganize her den/study, living room, and guest room. Besides the fact that her house is absolutely gorgeous (her and her husband recently finished huge renovations) she is so sweet and has great taste...let the fun begin!

I started with the guest room, as this is the simplest room as far as design so I figured it'd be a good place to start...

I normally don't like to source everything from one store, in this case Potterybarn, but I definitely knew the look I was going for and everything I had in mind just happened to be at Potterybarn. I wanted to do something charming and cottage-y while still being crisp and chic. I absolutely love Benjamin Moore's Woodlawn Blue, it is the perfect balance of country and modern. I thought the color combination of Woodlawn blue, white, cream and natural accents (with a pop of mirror) would be absolutely stunning!

Here is what I came up with...I'll let you know what we actually move forward with. 

Cottage Chic Sources

·      Potterybarn, $999
·      Full/Queen Bed: 60" wide x 80" deep x 16" high
·      Potterybarn, $499
·      Queen: 62" wide x 2.5" deep x 63" high (I’m guessing it’s about 50” high at lowest point)
·      Potterybarn, $1149
·      46" wide x 26" deep x 72" high
Park Mirrored Bedside Table
·      Potterybarn, $399
·      24" wide x 18" deep x 28" high
Gilded Gold Frames
·      Potterybarn
·      Potterybarn, $129 queen duvet, $49 Euro Sham (x2)
·      Potterybarn, Sandalwood, $159 queen, $25 Standard Sham (x2)
·      Potterybarn, White with LightBlue/Porcelin Blue Monogramming, $89

Benjamin Moore paint in Woodlawn Blue

Natural Roman Shades for both windows (Smith & Noble or Next Day Blinds)

Botanical Calendar for art (we can frame with gilded frames)
·      Paper Source, $21.95

Snowy Wonders

Hello Everyone,
        I hope you all enjoyed your weekend and I am sure the countdown is on for Christmas for many of you.I have a few things going on today so I just popped in with a little reminder to local readers that the Christmas House Tour that we are participating in is coming up on Dec.10th and ticket sales are going well but if any of you would like to enjoy an evening out touring our home and Christmas Cottage and  three other lovely homes decked out for the Christmas season in the Charlottetown and Cornwall area send me an email(on profile page) and I can get tickets for you.The cost is $10. for all 4 homes and includes homemade cookies and hot mulled cider.All proceeds go for Muscular Dystrophy.
   I would like to thank Helene all the way from France for adding the beautiful snow effects to a couple of my Christmas photos and sending them to me-a lovely surprise! Helene is a talented artist and she paints the most
beautiful paintings of roses -you can check out her beautiful blog here.
 Below is the photo Helene sent me last year. I love that Helene took the time to make these for me.Thank you,Helene!

Take care,

Navy + Orange Nursery

I'm back! I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted. This has been the longest I've ever gone, and I've missed it every day! To say I've been a little overwhelmed is the understatement of the century! Between work, school, the holidays...oh yeah and did I forget to mention...I'm 5 1/2 months pregnant!! :)

That's right! I'm having a little boy, due in late March/early April. So exciting!!!

Which has made me focusing on nursery designs...I think I'm going to do a preppy navy/orange/white

Something like this...

I love when baby rooms are charming without being overly baby!

Check out some other super cool navy & orange spaces & ensembles...

And here's a photo of me preggers...


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