Pink Saturday

Hello everyone,
       Another week has gone by so quickly and it is time for Pink Saturday again.So, I hope you are not tired of seeing my roses etc. because I have a few more to share with you today.

A touch of frost adds some sparkle to the roses.

This is a second flowering for these pretty pink lupins.

My pretty chintz teacup with a pink dahlia from the garden.

Well, I know there are lots of pretty pinks for you to see at How Sweet the Sound so I won't keep you but thank you for coming to visit me and have a wonderful weekend!

My good friend Linda at Beautiful Ideas is having her first giveaway so please pop in and check it out.


A Frosty Morn

Hello everyone,
     Although we have had many beautiful warm sunny days this month ,we have had a white frost a couple of nights.So,early in the morning I went out with my camera to take a few shots of the garden etc. The photo above is from the dock my husband built over our new pond. I like how there is a mist rising from the water.Because the pond is new the water is still brown so it will be next year before it clears up-so I like it in sepia tones better this year.
I like the sunlight shining through the trees with the mist coming off the water in the background.

The roses look so pretty with a touch of frost and a light frost doesn't hurt them-they will still keep blooming until we get a hard frost.

The limelight hydrangea is turning pink.
This double peach daylily is still blooming.

Well, that was my first frosty morn of the season. Last night we had a warm rain but today the sun is shining and it is going up to 22 degrees Celsius.We are really enjoying all the sunshine as we did have a lot of rain in the summer.

Today I am joining My Romantic Home for Show and Tell Friday again.

I hope you have a wonderful day!


Why you can look forward to Green Homes in Malaysia

Gone are the days where the concept of "life" green were only reserved for conservation and tree huggers groups. What began as a movement of alternative life became a pivot to conserve resources depleting of Earth to create a healthy environment and sustainability. We started to live our lives green but you given much thought as to whether if your home should be same too?
A sustainable property uses several methods to reduce pollution, emissions and unnecessary waste. Many forward-thinking of property developers in Malaysia have taken to create sustainable communities and to sell the concept of an ecological lifestyle in their projects. Many property downstream companies began to embrace this new paradigm by actively conducting programs of social corporate responsibility (CSR) that contributes to a sustainable environment.
At a time when preservation is imperative for the subsistence of the Earth, eco homes are fast taking on the market in Malaysia, not only for its upward trend, but also its contribution to the long-term investment and the fact that the country has the ideal location and climate for green homes. Today, you can find these flowering communities in various regions of the country as Setia Eco Park, 11 @ Mont Kiara and the Hijauan residence, all located in the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur. Urban developer YTL Corp has commissioned Bird Island in Kuala Lumpur as the site proposed for the competition of YTL Green homes, which presents world-class architects to create the most innovative and environmentally friendly home environment ever built.
It was announced that Kuala Lumpur will host the 3rd International class sustainable cities World Conference (WCSC 2011) this coming September 20-21, 2011. The Conference will present a number of successful ecological practices that have been implemented worldwide, tobe considered for future projects of development across the country. A local Council based in the State of Selangor, known as Majlis Perbandaran Petaling Jaya (MBPD) deliberated on the possibility of granting rebates RM500 owners unite in green practices at home. This includes discounts for the conservation of energy upgrades home solar water heater or same bike to work. This initiative has been recommended by the energy, green technology of the Ministry of water low carbon cities framework and funding for this project will be sent the PJ Sustainable Development Fund Trust, which will require RM50, 000 for the project to take off after that a proper assessment has been regulated.
The concept of green homes are more popular in Malaysia. If you already own a property, you can make conscious choices about your life style to create a Green House; or if you currently need to purchase or construct property, you can begin to seek to make the right choices by being aware of the consequences of your development, and the effects of that property has on its surrounding environment. In any event, you are working towards the future of Malaysian and living homes.

Sustainable architect - make the world a place better to live, a Structure at a time

We hear thrown around expression, but what is sustainable architecture - this? What we support us? Is "Green" linked? What are the benefits of it? What does a sustainable architect do? I wish the answer was simple, and in fact it is.
Sustainable means build or develop in a way that will let us continue to make it during a long period of time without adverse effects. If we abuse a material that is insufficient, could cause us irreparable problems. For example, if our construction is heavily dependent on which uses large quantities of water in their manufacturing and materials is made in an area with a shortage of water, which may be a problem. If we design a tropical garden which requires a constants and large quantities of water for its maintenance in a desert environment, which could also be a big problem.
Now that we have an ideal of what are the problems, lets take a look at how we can adjust the way in which we be sustainable. Sustainable is not a concept dealing with individual aspects, but rather in a holistic manner. If it's common sense, it is generally sustainable. If you live in a region where masonry products are easily produced and available from local resources, it would probably make sense to use in the construction. It also makes sense to use local plants and materials cover instead of having their transported from China to the United States. It also makes sense to use the local climate to your advantage. If you live in a cold climate, and natural solar heating maximization through light would make sense. If you live in a very hot environment, then the hot rays of the sun shading would be logical to use to cool the structure and comfort and energy savings.
Sustainable also involves urban planning. Ask yourself the question: would it make more sense to build a structure in an area already developed with existing roads and utilities, or perhaps even to reuse an existing structure to start from scratch? Certainly most of the people with a brain works would say that something is better then to start from nothing, and yet often see us communities called houses "cookie cutter" which are completely artificial and without life. If the development would be better to do with what already exists, by reusing or adapting existing structures and areas, certainly the results would be incredible.
Abhay is an architect of a young entrepreneur with a passion for logical sustainable architecture. It would consider him a sustainable architect, so articles that you will read will be on sustainabilitx. The filter that will always be used is: is it meaningful? You will discover that being absolutely sustainable makes financial sense.

Early Autumn Tea

Hello everyone,
      With all the beautiful warm sunny (record breaking temperatures) days we are having it is still lovely to have a cup of tea in the garden.
It is a perfect time to enjoy browsing through some of my favorite books while having a cup of tea.
Our bouquet today is an autumn bouquet but there are lots of pastel colors still in the garden too.The chintz teaset isWild Rose by Skie McChie.
This is a Rose Cameo Peach tea cup from Winner's.

I hope you enjoyed an early autumn tea with me today.

I have joined our local photography club recently and I am really enjoying it so far as there is lots of good information and some very serious photographers. So far, I haven't been brave enough to share my pics on their monthly slide show but someday-maybe!

I am joining BNOTP for Tablescape Thursday where there are always lots of beautiful tablescapes.I am also joining French Country Cottage for Feathered Nest Friday.

Thank you for stopping by again and thank you for all the lovely comments on our autumn porch.


Antiquing in Leesburg, VA

Happy Wednesday!

So more about my trip to Leesburg, VA...first here is a map of all of the antique stores below. Luckily most of the shops are off King Street and Market Streets.
Before we could do any shopping we had to build up our strength. We ended up at this super cute cafe called Shoes Cup and Cork Club. I highly recommend it! Located in the former Arthur's Shoe Repair building on historic King Street, Shoes Cup and Cork Club loving restored the building with an eclectic mix of reminders of the shop's past and present.

And then we hit up the shops. I found two great pieces. An absolutely huge lamp for just $28! Seriously this pic doesn't do it justice. It is large, and totally reminds me of something you'd find at Restoration Hardware for $250. I think I'll put a charcoal shade on I just have to find space for it in my house!

The second find was this super fun mirror for $39. This mirror will look great in my NEW office design! I already like the color green, but Ryan hates I might spray it gold to go with my navy and gold theme...we'll see. Also, that hideous chandelier on the mirror is just a sticker so it's coming off faster than you can say "ewww."

There were also about 10 other beautiful gold mirrors and a pair of crystal sconces I wanted to bring home with me...but I literally have run out of room in my house for all of these great finds! Which gets me thinking again about opening up an Etsy store so I can share my finds with others :) Oh if I only had about 5 more hours in the day...

Check back tomorrow to see how Amy's family room paint came out...and the super bold colors we are considering for her dining room!

My Office Redux

In addition to sprucing up my guest room...I'm also thinking about redoing my office. We plan to rip up the carpet in my office and have my floors refinished so I thought now would be the perfect time to redecorate!

Here is my inspiration pic:

My plan is to have Angel add wainscoting 3/4 of the way up the wall, and then paint navy and white horizontal stripes up the rest. This will make the room feel so much brighter.

You know I have been jonesing to put gold/bronze/brass accessories in my house, and since this isn't Ryan's favorite idea...I figured my office was the perfect space to get this gold out of my system :) So I hoping all accessories will be

I love the idea of incorporating a rug like this one from Dwell as well as some throw pillows. I love how flexible this color scheme can be...I can change up the color from Nantucket red to bright yellow, to even turquoise and Kelly green. The options are endless.

I also got a great lamp and mirror at the Leesburg antique stores this weekend. The lamp is literally larger than life and reminds me of something from Restoration Hardware. All it needs is a huge, maybe charcoal lamp shade, and we are good to go. The mirror is super cute and swirly...and is currently green. Ryan hates it so it might get turned into a new color...stay tuned!

I'll post pics of my Leesburg finds tomorrow!

Sustainable construction for education

Sustainable construction is now one of the agenda. There is currently the social, political and legislative pressure to ensure that new school buildings are considered "sustainable". It is a part of your disk for an eco-school. This includes any shelters and viewpoints, so that new classrooms.

With so many things to think about everything mainly focused on the budget and on time, how can you ensure that your school building is truly sustainable and causes minimal impact on the manufacturing, construction, life environment; and, at the end of his life, demolition. Our recommendation would be to choose wood for sustainability and the site of manufacture of the budget and the speed of delivery.

Wood is the material of construction only natural, renewable, recyclable in the world: it has been used in the construction of several thousand years. Now with the FSC or PEFC certification you can be confident in its way of sourcing.

To keep the focus on the budget with sustainability, we suggest that you look at off-site manufacturing: buildings that are prepared before delivery to the site, factory and provide large savings on the costs of construction during the periods of build reduced and disruption of the site: systems such as shell's Cabinco MPL buildings. Newspapers are factory of precision designed and then delivered to the site ready for fast and precise, to an individually designed sustainable building construction.

More the proportion of wood in your new school building, most likely a fully recyclable building envelope. Wood does not have to be restricted to just the outer skin which gives the appearance of sustainability, but may extend to interior walls, floors, Windows, doors, roof and same structure the final roofing material through such options as the Cedar shingles. A solution of solid wood.

Checklist for sustainable buildings
Materials Noise sustainable supply, odor & dust in the construction Waste to landfill sites in the course of manufacture and construction Maintenance and energy required in the use of the building Recyc lability after the end of life of the building.Global carbon footprint

Carbon footprint
Carbon footprint is an assessment of the impact of the building on the school environment. It focuses on all aspects of the processes involved in the delivery of your solution built in detail and includes such things as the energy used in manufacturing, where this energy source, if it is renewable; energy used in the transport of materials, including used fuel; energy of phase of construction and waste; energy service; and, finally, the end of the energy of life - or step in the case of wood that can be reused as fuel.

Research shows that wooden buildings have the lowest carbon footprint of the life of all.
A company with a real focus on providing sustainable buildings will provide all the information on its Web site.

Autumn Porch

Hello everyone,
    I hope you had a lovely weekend. I really enjoyed my 70 mile yard sale on Saturday although the weather was overcast with a bit of drizzle. I did get a few things I was happy to find and there were lots of yardsales and lots of people out looking to buy.It is always a nice drive and we enjoyed going for lunch at Windows on the Water.again this year.I will be showing what I bought later.
 I wanted to show you the changes I made on the screened porch to better reflect the autumn season. The beautiful old door is one we have had for awhile but the curtains are a recent thrift shop find. There was something about them that I couldn't resist and at just a few dollars I thought I find a use for them somewhere.
The shutters are still behind the curtains so we are protected from wind and rain.

The mat on the floor was one of my finds yesterday. I liked the gold and rusty colors in it for a cozy autumn look.

I love this angel statue that came home from North Carolina in my carry on bag several years ago.

The hydrangeas are starting to turn their fall colors too.
I spent a very enjoyable sunny Sunday afternoon lounging on this old bed with a book yesterday. I am loving all the beautiful weather we have had this September.
I love this Romamunde Pilcher book September-have you read it? I also love my little dutch windmill birdhouse.
This is the summer look for the veranda.
Just by making a few changes in linens etc. it gives the porch a whole different look.We are still eating out here nearly everyday and hope to do so for awhile yet as the weather is looking good all week and lots of years we get beautiful weather in October as well.

I am joining BNOTP for Metamorphosis Monday and also the house in the roses for Show Off your Cottage Monday.

Thank you for visiting,


Straight life - examine the Lake Washington insiders

One of the places the most unique and wonderful to live in all of Washington, much less Seattle, is no doubt on the shores of Lake Washington. For those lucky enough to be able to afford to waterfront property, it is an opportunity that should not be missed. Even more affordable houses with views of this beautiful body of water should not be overlooked, as Lake Washington provides those who live near it aspects of beauty you would have been hard pressed to find anywhere else.

The second largest lake in the State after the Lake Chelan, Lake Washington has availability for developments of housing along its banks as a whole. Because of its long, thin shape, coastline is considerable and is still open for more opportunities for building. Except for the areas of parks, marinas and airports, the rest of the shores are dedicated to the owners of houses, and giving people some of the most incredible opportunities around. The lake waters are fresh and blue and are extremely specific after the extreme measure have been taken to improve the quality of water in the 1960s.

Houses built along Lake Washington are built to take in the view. Scanning windows are common, with lawns sloping to take advantage of the shoreline. Most homes have docks of the capacity to host 1-3 boats, and a smaller percentage of them have covered boat houses. Even those who are often not docks take advantage of the required buoys just off the coast and can attach the boats off the coast from there. Are less frequent than the houses of waterfront along Lake Washington waterfront condos, but condos are often built on the hills that rise from the water, which means that each floor can admire a view of waterfront. Large snowy Mount Rainier is visible from anywhere on Lake Washington, as it rises above the southern section of the Lake in clear weather. The North-South orientation of the Lake, and this is how skinny, the vast majority of houses are facing is due or due west, making for some more sunset or sunrise views across the State. There is nothing of very similar enjoy your cup of morning coffee that the sun rising Golden forest on the other side and with respect to the light to fire liquid it touches the water.

Lake Washington is home to an abundance of wildlife. Waters teem with fish that are available for fish (in season) which include salmon, low, perch, carp, the longfin smelt, and even sturgeon. Mallards and the Canadian geese are common sights over the water, then the Eagles herons to make the occasional appearance. The river otter is a treat, as there is nothing more adorable than two otters elegant game-catch in your court.

Lakeside living is an opportunity which must not be passed up. It is the ultimate luxury and provides a framework for raising a family among nature. With entertainment without end of the summer it provides with epic seasonal background, Lake Washington is probably one of the largest in the world in places.

The Colors of Autumn

Hello everyone,
    Well,since it is now autumn I have a few collages to that I made from photos taken in previous years that I hope you will enjoy.

These are all shots taken on little drives around the Island.

Even though I am always a little reluctant to say goodbye to summer I do love the autumn as well.

The above collage is made from photos of homes in Summerside a 45 minute drive from our home.So far our foliage is just starting to show it's autumn colors so all but the second collage are previous autumn photos.

Now,I am off to the 70 mile yard sale so I will see you later!

Please go and visit Hakan for Saturday Show off.

Have a lovely weekend!


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