Why the India investment in new Green Technologies in their buildings should

"Climate change and water scarcity threaten the economy of the India of the fastest growing in the world."
I have searched recently that the country has 16 per cent of the world's population, but only four percent of its water resources - how to make it sustainable? »
"In India, buildings are responsible for 4.9% of the GHG total, per capita water availability is any indication,"water stress"is only beginning to show in India." Next to the energy question second criticism concerning the building sector, Governments, consumers and environmentalists today is perhaps the water. INFACT, the water in the accounts of buildings close to 20 per cent of the total use of water, which is important. This is why the Indian construction industry must consider where and how they can protect the vibrant Indian economy. In particular, do we need to take account of new green technologies?
In India, the buildings are subject to many health problems such as:-.
Condition hot •Extreme
•Waste of energy
The impact is often high electricity bills and the occupant to complain of health due to the quality of the environment internal. "
Children, elderly people and people with problems, allergies and breathing lung diseases are particularly sensitive to biological pathogens in indoor air.
In India, the buildings are subject to many problems. Research provides interesting as follows:-.
•The World Health Organization estimates that up to 30% of new and renovated buildings worldwide may be excessive complaints related to indoor air quality.
•Air commercial building air-conditioning systems consume about 60 - 65\ % of the total energy from various other end uses.
Sustainable buildings can provide:
Enhanced student learning
• higher productivity among workers
• Faster healing patients.
• Have higher market value
Residential and commercial buildings retain a resale value high if they include components of sustainable design. Value to potential buyers just held their utility and costs of maintenance will lower in green buildings that outperform non-vert buildings. Occupancy rate is always higher and reduce vacancy rates, in sustainable office buildings.
It is quite naturally, these measurable benefits, rather than a general sense of well-being, energy conservation resulting in saving money and improving internal environmental quality for better living and good for the environment, that these can be obtained through the implementation of green technologies in our buildings. Yet of the India to take advantage of the benefits of green technology, like other countries it already use in their buildings, for example the USA, the Australia.
On the financial, side pass Green will save everyone tons of money. The electricity prices will keep going as retractable oil supply. As a bulwark against rising electric bills, it would be wise to invest in green today technologies. Moreover, an additional benefit will be cleaner air. There is still the coal-fired plants around and despite advances in technology that they remain a factor of pollution today. Green technology in the form of solar energy could lead to a considerable reduction in the need for coal power plants
Energy saving light bulbs is an excellent example of green technology that can be easily installed in each House in the world. Green technology is designed to improve the lives of the people without compromising the quality of life.
Examples of topics of green technology
Perhaps the most urgent issue for green technology, this includes the development of alternative fuels, new ways to produce energy and energy efficiency.
Green building
Green building includes the choice of materials to where is a building in construction.
Environmentally preferred purchasing
This innovation of the Government is looking for products whose contents and methods of production have the smallest possible impact on the environment and requires that these be products preferred procurement by the Government.
Green Chemistry
The invention, design and application of chemical products and processes to reduce or eliminate the use and production of hazardous substances.
It is time to acquire immense opportunities of green technologies to provide solutions for all of the problem we discussed above in the end.
Sustainable buildings operate seven simple principles
Sustainable construction will be:
1. Harvest all their own needs of water and energy on the site.
2 Be adapted specifically for the site and the climate and evolve as conditions change.
3. Function without pollution and generate any waste which are not useful for some other process in the environment of the building or immediate.
4 Promote the health and well-being of all inhabitants, as a healthy ecosystem.
5 Is comprised of integrated systems to maximize efficiency and comfort.
6 Improve the health and diversity of the local rather than degrade ecosystem there.
7 Be beautiful and we encourage them to dream.
Benefits of Green Building
Environmental benefits
•Reduce the impacts of consumption of natural resources
Economic benefits
•Improve the bottom line
Health and safety benefits
•Enhance occupant comfort and health
Benefits of the community
The strain on local infrastructure and improve the quality of life of •Minimize
We talked about the scarcity of water is not only a concern for the India, but for the whole world. So what we do for that? The answer is that we can certainly look for ways to save water and to make best use of what we have now. The reason why it is hype of green technology is always noted on the creation of minimum waste of energy and resources.
If we can reduce water consumption in the construction of buildings, then it can certainly be used in other activities and should be collective effort.
The India has always played an important role in the global arena. If its growth is the economy, more great democracy and gravity on the environment. Then, it is imperative that the world must also recognize effort of the India for the sustainable lifestyle. The India must consolidate its position on the promotion of green technologies. And that the Government can offer financial assistance to persons or organizations to encourage and to raise awareness of green technologies. The India is already doing its bit to save water and other environmental friendly measures. Ministry of the environment is also using the upcoming Indian business with innovative ideas to save the environment. I think we are on track and we need to just educate more the greatest threat that the world faces today is climate change. As we say there is never a wrong time for the right thing, so we can certainly give something back to mother earth.

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